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Middle School Program Updates

Updates Coming for the 2020-21 School Year

We’re making it easier for Second Step Middle School instructors to teach the skills students need to succeed. Based on user feedback and the latest research in adolescent development and social psychology, we’re updating our digital program to be even more responsive to the needs of today’s classrooms.

This enhanced social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum includes:

  • A new bullying and harassment unit
  • Relatable scenarios for students
  • Greater differentiation between grade levels
  • Additional interactive activities to keep students engaged and learning

Check back here for the most up-to-date information from our researchers and program developers at Committee for Children.

In August 2020, all current Middle School Program users will be able to automatically access the new updates. Keep an eye on the Second Step Middle School Program website for more details as we get closer to the updated program’s release.

Updated Social-Emotional Learning Lessons

Our teacher-led units now have more interactive lessons and discussion-based activities with distinct grade-level experiences.

25-Minute Lessons | 6–8 Lessons Per Unit

  • Unit
    Mindsets & Goals

    Students learn how to develop a growth mindset and apply research-based goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives.

  • Unit
    Recognizing Bullying & Harassment

    Students learn how to recognize bullying and harassment, stand up safely to bullying, and respond appropriately to harassment.

  • Unit
    Thoughts, Emotions, & Decisions

    Students learn how to recognize strong emotions and unhelpful thoughts, and they learn to apply strategies for managing their emotions and reducing stress.

  • Unit
    Managing Relationships & Social Conflict

    Students learn strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships, perspective-taking, and dealing with conflict.

Scope & Sequence

View a complete list of our units and weekly lesson topics for Grades 6-8.
Download the Full Scope and Sequence (PDF)
Download the Short Scope and Sequence (PDF)

middle school scope and sequence

Review of Research

We’re constantly learning about the skills and concepts that can make a positive difference at this age, from growth mindset and emotion management to social connectedness. Drawing from the latest research in the field, our program helps students manage strong emotions, make good decisions, and create strong friendships while avoiding or de-escalating conflict.
Download the Review of Research (PDF)

middle school review of research

Sample a New Lesson

Making Goals Specific
Overcoming Roadblocks
Pursuing My Interests
middle school alignment charts

Alignment Charts

Learn more about how our Middle School Program complements your current SEL standards, frameworks, and practices.
Academic Alignment (PDF)
CASEL Core SEL Competencies (PDF)
Restorative Practices in Schools (PDF)