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License Agreements

Use of any Committee for Children program, including individual parts of the Second Step program and Mind Yeti, is subject to the license agreement for the program being used. Terms and conditions vary between programs. The text for each license is provided below for your reference.

Each license details authorized ways, if any, in which users may reproduce or adapt its program’s materials. Written permission from the publisher is required to reproduce or adapt materials beyond the scope of the license. To request permission, please complete and submit the copyright permissions request form. If you have questions about the terms of the license, please contact us.

Second Step Middle School
Second Step Early Learning (PDF)
Second Step Kindergarten–Grade 5 (PDF)
Second Step Grade 6 (2008, PDF)
Second Step Grade 7 (2008, PDF)
Second Step Grade 8 (2008, PDF)
Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit (PDF)
Second Step Child Protection Unit (PDF)
Second Step Out-of-School Time (PDF)
Mind Yeti