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Empower Educators

Give Teachers What They Need to Make a Difference

More Time for Teaching, Learning & the Fun Stuff!

Social-emotional learning leads to fewer classroom interruptions, more time dedicated to learning, and decreased referrals. When students are better able to self-manage and solve conflicts, they can connect better with each other, their teachers, and with the day’s learning.

Tools That Teachers Embrace

Teacher buy-in is vital to any SEL program. Adopted by more than 26,000 schools worldwide, Second Step SEL is built with real-world teachers and their busy schedules in mind. It’s easy to teach, requires minimal prep time, and has genuine kid-appeal.

Help with What Matters the Most: Improving Kids’ Lives

We hear it from our partners in education every day: teachers are happiest when they see children thrive. They teach to improve kids’ lives, and when you give them the tools to help them make a difference, you’re helping your classroom educators stay engaged, motivated, and committed.

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