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Second Step® Elementary

SEL for Today

Discover Our New Digital Program

Children benefit from social-emotional learning (SEL) at any time, but today it’s especially important to help them develop the skills they need to connect and thrive. A leading SEL elementary school curriculum, Second Step® Elementary is research-based and easy to teach, adapt, and scale. The program now offers two options: the web-based and teacher-facilitated digital program and our print-based classroom kits supplemented by online resources.

Your School, Your Choice

When it comes to instructional materials, schools and districts have a variety of technology environments and preferences. With the addition of our digital program, we’re pleased to give you a new option for implementing SEL in your school and hope to serve as many classrooms as possible.

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Second Step® Elementary Digital Program

Our Second Step Elementary digital program is flexible, web-based, and uses up-to-date research to help teachers engage children with age-appropriate, culturally relevant content.

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teacher with second step classroom kit

Second Step® Elementary Classroom Kits

Our Second Step Elementary classroom kits offer an evidence-based approach to SEL with age-appropriate lessons that are easy to teach and fun to learn, plus online resources and training for educators.

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What Works for You?

Not sure which Second Step Elementary option works best for your school or district? Here’s more to consider as you make your choice.

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