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Introducing Our New Digital Program

teacher with lesson projection in front of class

SEL for Today

We’re excited to bring you a new addition to our Second Step® Elementary offering, one designed to meet the needs of today’s school communities: the Second Step Elementary digital program. The program is a web-based social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum that allows for consistency from classroom to classroom and easily scales across schools and districts. Its digital format enables continuous improvement based on up-to-date research and feedback. The new program is offered as a one-year, three-year, and five-year subscription.

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Engage Every Learner

The Second Step Elementary digital program is designed to adapt to students’ needs:

  • In teacher-facilitated group settings, students connect with the content, each other, and the teacher as they build new social-emotional skills
  • Variety in media, activities, and interactive components helps engage every learner and provide opportunities for culturally relevant teaching
  • The look and feel of each grade’s lessons evolve as students grow into new developmental stages
rotating gif of program screens

Easy to Teach and Track

  • Built on the same technology as Second Step® Middle School, the program is intuitively designed with built-in training and supports for educators.
  • Easy online access to all content simplifies preparation, teaching, and progress tracking.
  • Implementation is streamlined and straightforward with getting-started resources, schoolwide access, and ongoing visibility into class progress throughout the curriculum.

What’s Included in the Program?

The Second Step® Elementary digital program includes four full units of weekly, age-appropriate lessons for each grade. Lesson plans include scripting and support for teachers to guide student conversations, as well as downloadable handouts to promote student engagement.

The interactive, teacher-led units include five 15- to 30-minute lessons. The last lesson of each unit is a performance task in which students demonstrate evidence of their learning.

  • Unit
    Growth Mindset & Goal-Setting
    5 lessons per unit

    Students learn how to develop a growth mindset and apply research-based goal-setting strategies to their social and academic lives. This unit’s content helps create classrooms that are connected and encouraging by helping students set and achieve collective and personal goals and learn from challenges and mistakes.

  • Unit
    Emotion Management
    5 lessons per unit

    Students learn how to build their emotion vocabularies, practice identifying their own and others’ emotions, and recognize the importance of labeling and processing their emotions. This unit’s content helps students understand and explore how past experiences as well as unique perspectives influence how they feel and respond to situations.

  • Unit
    Empathy & Kindness
    5 lessons per unit

    Students learn how to recognize kindness and act kindly toward others, and how to develop empathy by learning strategies to take others’ perspectives. This unit’s content helps students understand others’ points of view.

  • Unit
    5 lessons per unit

    Students learn how to process strong emotions, describe a problem, identify the wants and needs of others, think of and explore the outcomes of potential solutions, and pick the best solution. This unit’s content helps students ask, listen, and empathize with all parties involved during problem-solving.

We are committed to ensuring our programs are culturally relevant, affirming, and accessible to all children, especially the most systemically marginalized children. Learn more.

Scope & Sequence

View a complete list of the units and weekly lesson topics for Grades K–5.
Download the Full Scope and Sequence (PDF)
Download the Kindergarten–Grade 8 Full Scope & Sequence (PDF)

pdf thumbnail


We’re constantly learning about the skills and concepts that can make a positive difference at this age, from growth mindset to social connectedness. Drawing from the latest research in the field, our program helps students process strong emotions, make good decisions, and create strong friendships while avoiding or de-escalating conflict.
Download the Research Summary (PDF)
Download the Review of Research (PDF)

pdf thumbnail

Alignment Charts

See how Second Step® programs align with academic standards, interventions, and more.
Restorative Practices in Schools (PDF)
Trauma-Informed Practices in Schools (PDF)
Common Core Academic Standards (PDF)
Second Step® Out-of-School Time (PDF)

pdf thumbnail

Find out more about Spanish-language materials in this program here.

Elementary posters, lanyards, and songs

New Reinforcement and Supplemental Resources

Educators now have more flexibility and options to craft supplemental and extension learning plans to meet their students’ needs with these resources.

  • Five new songs.
  • Nine extension activities designed to engage students through arts, games, and movement
  • Downloadable and full-sized posters. These are now included as part of the Second Step® Elementary digital program. Full-size printed posters and skills-reinforcement lanyards are also available for purchase in our store.

Sample a Lesson

Check out some of the Second Step® Elementary digital program lessons. You can preview teacher instructions and scripting in the lesson plans, see lesson content and media in the lesson presentations, and preview student resources in the lesson handouts (available for select lessons).

grade k lesson screen
Apologizing Can Help

Grade K, Lesson 18
Lesson Plan (PDF)
Lesson Presentation

grade 1 lesson screen
Feeling Frustrated

Grade 1, Lesson 9
Lesson Plan (PDF)
Lesson Presentation

grade 2 lesson screen
The Way to Say a Problem

Grade 2, Lesson 16
Lesson Plan (PDF)
Lesson Presentation
Lesson Handout (PDF)

grade 3 lesson screen
Asking Questions

Grade 3, Lesson 14
Lesson Plan (PDF)
Lesson Presentation
Lesson Handout (PDF)

grade 4 lesson screen
Saying It Respectfully
grade 5 lesson screen
When? Where? Who?

Grade 5, Lesson 17
Lesson Plan (PDF)
Lesson Presentation

Subscription-Based Pricing

One License Fits Any K–8 Site
As a convenience to elementary and middle schools, the Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School digital programs are purchased as K–8 schoolwide licenses. Each license aligns to a single school and provides Second Step Elementary and Second Step Middle School for any configuration of Grades K–8. When districts purchase for multiple schools, each schoolwide license covers a single school.

If you’re purchasing for a single school, pricing varies by enrollment. For multisite purchases, pricing varies by number of schools. Pricing for both is discounted to provide economies for multiyear purchases.

Are you purchasing for a single school?

Second Step® Programs for Grades K–8: Single-School Pricing


  • 1 Year

  • 3 Years

  • 5 Years

Number of Students


  • Save 15%

  • Save 25%


  • $2,329
  • $5,939
  • $8,733


  • $2,719
  • $6,934
  • $10,197


  • $3,199
  • $8,157
  • $11,996

Are you purchasing for multiple schools?

Second Step® Programs for Grades K–8: Multisite Pricing


  • 1 Year

  • 3 Years

  • 5 Years

Number of Licenses
1 per School


  • Save 15%

  • Save 25%


  • $2,329*
  • $5,939*
  • $8,733*

Save 4%

  • $2,239*
  • $5,710*
  • $8,397*

Save 7%

  • $2,159*
  • $5,505*
  • $8,096*

Save 10%

  • $2,089*
  • $5,326*
  • $7,832*

*Per School

Please contact our support team with any questions about the programs or pricing. For district purchases and multisite pricing, pilot implementations, or counselor-led implementations, or if you’ve recently purchased classroom kits and are interested in migrating to the Second Step® Elementary digital program, please contact us for a consultation.

Ready to Purchase?

You can purchase a single-school license in our online store. For multisite pricing, contact us.

Buy Now

Looking for Second Step® Elementary classroom kits? Click here.

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Save 25% on Second Step® SEL for Adults

Your purchase of a Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School digital programs license unlocks a 25% savings on Second Step® SEL for Adults. Discover the benefits adult social-emotional learning can bring to your school. Offer valid between July 1, 2022, and September 30, 2023.

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