Purchasing for Multiple Sites?

Here are four important things to know.


Economies Are Built In

See how savings add up when you purchase our digital programs for more sites and more years.

Pricing Estimator

Select the number of schools or sites in your district along with your preferred license term to calculate an estimated price per K-12 school or site for Second Step student programs. Pricing for Second Step® SEL for Adults should be calculated separately.

Number of Schools or Sites

License Term

Average Number of Students per School or Site (Optional)

Estimated Annual Price*

* Additional discounts and savings may apply, including introductory pricing for Second Step® High School. For a fully adjusted quote, please request a district consultation.



You Get Two Programs with One License

No matter a school’s grade combinations (Grades K–6, 5–8, or otherwise), if it’s a single site, you purchase just one K–8 digital license and use the grades you need.

Second Step Elementary and Second Step Middle School, bundled with one license.


Special Deals and Discounts Are Available


We're Happy to Help!

Fill out this form to find out how Second Step® programs can align with your district’s social, emotional, and academic goals. Our Education Partnerships Team can also provide a quote tailored to your district’s needs.

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I really trust the Second Step® team to make sure my district’s schools have exactly what they need to build stronger communities. Being part of a nonprofit, I know they care.

Ryan Voegtlin, Director of Student Services, Anne Arundel County Public Schools

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