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Free Live Webinars

Interested in putting Second Step to work for your students? Attend one of our sessions listed below to hear directly from our experts.

Looking for recorded webinars? Check out our On-Demand Webinars list.

Due to the technical capacity of our webinar provider, there’s a limit of 1,000 participants per webinar. All registrants will receive a copy of the presentation in a follow-up email. If you were unable to join your webinar, please register for one of our additional presentations at a later date.

Second Step Program Overviews

Second Step Out-of-School Time: A Time to Thrive Together

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Second Step Out-of-School Time, our brand-new, K–5 program designed to develop kids’ social-emotional competencies in playful, meaningful ways. With online training and embedded staff supports, the program empowers both adults and youth to practice social-emotional skills in any OST environment.

Topics: K-5 Educators

Tuesday, August 11 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Second Step SEL for K-5: Improve Academics, Support Students and Create a Positive School Climate

The elementary years bring exciting new challenges and opportunities. It’s the prime time to nurture social-emotional awareness and skills for learning. Evidence-based Second Step SEL for Kindergarten–Grade 5 includes everything needed to make it easy for teachers to integrate social-emotional learning into their classrooms, which decreases problem behaviors and increases whole-school success by promoting self-regulation, safety, and support.

Topics: K-5 Educators

Thursday, August 13 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Second Step: The Foundation of Successful Learning

Rooted in social-emotional learning, Second Step helps transform schools into supportive and successful learning environments that are uniquely equipped to help children thrive. The results are real and palpable. It’s a difference you can feel the moment you walk through the doors of a Second Step school—a sense of safety and respect grounded in the social-emotional health and well-being of the entire school community. Discover how the Second Step program can benefit all students in your PreK–8 classrooms.

Topics: Early Learning Educators, K-5 Educators, Middle School Educators

Tuesday, August 18 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Second Step for Middle School: Create a Culture of Connectedness

The latest iteration of Second Step for middle schools brings together today’s technology, the latest in developmental research, and real classroom feedback. The result: an SEL program that helps educators build a culture of connectedness and empowers middle schoolers with skills to succeed socially and academically.

Topics: Middle School Educators

Thursday, August 20 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Second Step Child Protection: Working Together to Keep Kids Safe

Learn how policies and procedures, trauma-informed staff training, student lessons, and family materials in the Second Step Child Protection Unit for Early Learning-Grade 5 help keep children safe from child abuse and neglect.

Topics: Early Learning Educators, K-5 Educators

Tuesday, August 25 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Second Step Implementation

Adapting Second Step® for Remote Learning

Will you be facilitating remote learning for your students this fall? What does this mean for your Second Step programs? Check out our brand-new best-practices guide for tips on making the most of your Second Step materials during remote learning. The guide serves Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School users.

Topics: K-5 Educators, Middle School Educators

Wednesday, August 12 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Principal Leadership for Schoolwide Second Step® Elementary and Second Step® Middle School Implementations

Discover a step-by-step leadership process for K–5 and middle school principals leading schoolwide Second Step implementations. We’ll address specific leadership tasks and resources to help principals set a strong social-emotional foundation for the 2020–21 school year. Remote and hybrid learning resources will be addressed.

Topics: K-5 Principals, Middle School Principals

Wednesday, August 19 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Child Protection and Bullying Prevention: Training Staff to Recognize, Respond and Report

Is your staff ready to address the many social and emotional needs their students will bring to reentry this fall? Are they equipped to recognize, respond and report issues of child abuse and bullying? In support of a successful reentry to school for your staff and students, CFC is opening access for a limited time to the Second Step staff training modules for the Child Protection Unit and the Bullying Prevention Unit. Join this webinar for a look at core content elements of the training, support in planning the trainings and information on how to access these important resources.

Topics: K-5 Educators, Counselors and Administrators

Monday, August 24 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Lead Your Schoolwide SEL with the K–5 Second Step Principal Toolkit

Boost your schoolwide SEL implementation with the practical, step-by-step leadership tools in the K-5 Second Step Principal Toolkit. We’ll take a tour together and explore Second Step’s alignment with restorative practices in the Talk It Over Tool, find newsletter blurbs for staff and families, and highlight student worksheets that will align your office referral discussions with the Second Step language and skills your students are learning in class. This walk through will inspire you to open your Principal Toolkit and boost your schoolwide implementation to the next level.

Topics: K-5 Principals

Thursday, August 27 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Fall 2020 Resilience Module for Adults and K–12 Students

Social-emotional learning (SEL) for adults has emerged as a core element of successful SEL program implementation in schools. Learn more about our upcoming Second Step® SEL for Adults program, including a preview of elements from its Resilience After Crisis Module, which also contains activities for K–12 students. Get details about our limited-time opportunity to use the new Resilience After Crisis Module for free as part of our fall 2020 field study. We’re offering special access to this module as part of our pandemic crisis-response resources. Learn how adult SEL can help educators and students thrive.

Topics: Adults

Monday, August 31 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Specialty Topics

Trauma-Sensitive Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Every classroom has students who have experienced trauma from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). ACEs can shake students’ sense of safety. The COVID-19 threat has the possibility of intensifying a sense of distress for all students, but may particularly impact students who have experienced trauma. During school closures, how can schools provide the safety and support that students need to learn and thrive? How can teachers, while distanced from their students, create positive childhood experiences to mitigate the impact of the pandemic? This webinar addresses how teachers and schools can integrate foundational trauma-sensitive practices into their online teaching plan and their interactions with students.

Topics: K-5 Educators, Early Learning Educators, Middle School Educators

Monday, August 10 | 2:00 PM Eastern | 1 hour


Disrupt the Status Quo: How SEL Can Address Implicit Bias and Build Equity in Classrooms and Communities

For decades, our juvenile justice system has been shaped by implicit bias and the disproportionality of discipline toward youth of color and those with disabilities. Things have got to change—and you can help.

Schools and communities can address these imbalances by integrating social-emotional learning and restorative practices. By doing so, they may be able to minimize the effects of implicit bias and help reform juvenile justice.

This free webinar will feature experts in the fields of SEL and juvenile justice. They’ll discuss how the skills taught in evidence-based SEL programs can disrupt the status quo and help reduce bias in our schools. Click through to learn more and reserve your seat.

Topics: K-5 Educators, Middle School Educators, Counselors and Administrators

Monday, August 17 | 3:30 PM Eastern | 1 hour