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SEL Beyond the School Day

Out of School Hero

Second Step Social-Emotional Learning for Out-of-School Time Is Coming Soon

Committee for Children is excited to announce that we’re developing a social-emotional learning (SEL) program for after-school settings and other learning environments beyond the classroom. Researchers and instructional designers at Committee for Children are collaborating with out-of-school-time experts in the design process. We expect this program to be available for purchase during the 2020–2021 school year.
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The new program will include funding support from The Wallace Foundation.
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  • What Is Intentional SEL in OST?

    Learn how a three-tiered approach to SEL programming in OST settings can explicitly promote social-emotional learning and support kids’ social-emotional development.

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  • karen pittman on the grow kinder podcast
    A Conversation with Karen Pittman

    We spoke with president and CEO of The Forum for Youth Investment about what creates an optimal learning environment and the power educators have to shape how youth learn.

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  • Our Research-Based Approach to OST

    What does it take for SEL to be effective outside of the classroom? Our experts summarize what they saw when high-quality SEL instruction was added to existing OST programs nationwide.

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