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What Is Second Step®?

A holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning.
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Second Step® programs.
FamiliesEarly LearningElementaryMiddle SchoolHigh SchoolSEL for AdultsOut-of-School Time
A holistic approach to building supportive communities for every child through social-emotional learning.
Click on a section to explore
Second Step® programs.
Family Supports
All Second Step® programs include supports for families, from weekly letters and book lists to free resources like ParenTeen Connect. Families can also bring social-emotional learning home through our Captain Compassion® comics, which give kids and adults the power to prevent bullying, as well as our Hot Chocolate Talk® resource, which helps families talk about child safety.
Second Step Early Learning
Social-emotional learning classroom kits and online resources to help your littlest learners harness their energy and potential.
Second Step Child Protection Unit
A stand-alone unit with staff training, student lessons, and family materials to help prevent child abuse and neglect.
Second Step Elementary
Universal, classroom-based, social-emotional learning curriculum for Kindergarten–Grade 5 that nurtures children’s social-emotional competence and foundational learning skills. Choose from two options: the new Second Step® Elementary digital program, or evidence-based Second Step Elementary classroom kits.
Second Step Elementary works together with Second Step® Bullying Prevention Unit (K–5), Second Step® Child Protection Unit (EL–5), and Second Step® Out-of-School Time (K–5) to create a safer, more positive school community.
Second Step Middle School
Web-based, teacher-facilitated lessons and advisory activities, along with program training and resources to help middle schoolers build social-emotional skills for life.
A Second Step® social-emotional learning (SEL) program for high school students is now in development. Sign up if you’d like to receive updates or be considered for participation in program field-testing and research.

In the meantime, consider implementing Second Step® SEL for Adults. This professional learning program can help you bring the benefits of SEL to your high school, starting with your staff.
Second Step SEL for Adults
A stand-alone professional learning program designed to help K–12 educators strengthen their social-emotional skills and create a supportive school climate.
Now Available
Second Step Out-of-School Time
A research-based program for after-school and other out-of-school time settings that helps support youth development and build more positive communities through social-emotional learning. Available in both English and Spanish, the program includes age-appropriate activities for children in Grades K–5 as well as online training and embedded supports for adult facilitators.
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The Case for a Holistic Approach to SEL

Decades of research show the positive effects of universal, classroom-based SEL programs for children. There’s also broad recognition that benefits are even greater when children experience SEL throughout their day, across home, school, and out-of-school time environments, and throughout developmental stages. When implemented holistically, with a coordinated, community-wide approach, SEL can build stronger communities and support inclusive, equitable learning.
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Download White Paper
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    Second Step® Elementary Digital Program

    The new Second Step® Elementary digital program is designed to meet the needs of today’s classrooms.
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    When Educators Thrive, Students Thrive​

    Introducing Second Step® SEL for Adults, a professional learning program for all school staff to strengthen their social-emotional skills and create a supportive school climate.
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Spanish-Language SEL for Out-of-School Time

Second Step® Programa extraescolar, a Spanish-language version of Second Step® Out-of-School Time, is now available. Purchase one or both to best serve your community!

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Second Step® Is Leveling Up

The Second Step family of programs helps you take a holistic approach to social-emotional learning (SEL), combining classroom SEL with new offerings for out-of-school time and SEL for adults. Learn how our expanded family of programs can help you level up with:

  • Compassion in the classroom
  • Shared vocabulary across environments
  • Educator well-being

Second Step® and Your Community

Create Successful Learners

Students need to feel safe, supported, and ready to learn.

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Empower Adults

Giving teachers the time they need and tools worth embracing makes all the difference.

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Provide a Common Language

With the entire community on the same page, the future looks bright for all kids.

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Improve Academics

Social-emotional learning can boost attendance and graduation rates and lead to better academic performance.

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See the full Second Step family of programs for PreK–Grade 8.

Committee for Children—Grow Kinder

The Nonprofit Behind the Second Step® Family of Programs

While we’re best known for our Second Step family of social-emotional learning programs, Committee for Children has championed the safety and well-being of children since 1979. From our headquarters in Seattle, Washington, we partner with researchers, policymakers, and thought leaders to fulfill our vision of safe children thriving in a peaceful world. Learn more about our work.

We’re committed to ensuring our programs are culturally relevant, affirming, and accessible to all children, especially the most systemically marginalized children. Find out more.