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Second Step® Implementation Resources for Classroom Educators

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As a classroom educator working directly with students, your comfort and familiarity with Second Step® programs are critical to your students’ ability to engage with social-emotional learning (SEL) and build the skills they need to grow and thrive. This page contains a collection of resources designed to help you successfully implement Second Step programs in your classroom.

You’ll need to be logged in to your account on to access some of the materials referenced here. Instructions for creating an account are in your classroom kit or digital program registration email.

Second Step® Implementation Resources for Site LeadersLogin Required

If you’d like to explore resources for supporting building-wide implementations, check out these additional resources.

Site Leader Resources

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Join the Second Step® Educator Community

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Tap into the collective wisdom of thousands of teachers around the nation—and the expertise of Committee for Children staff—in this free professional learning community (hosted on Facebook). Ask questions, learn in the company of peers, and share experiences and ideas to improve the program.

Visit the community’s Facebook page to join.

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Second Step® Elementary Educator Resources

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Second Step® Middle School Educator Resources

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Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias ResourcesLogin Required

Second Step® Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Resources Page: These resources will help you implement SEL in a way that builds on students’ cultural assets, critically examines systems of power, and develops better ways of teaching, learning, and being.

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Free Resources for Educators and Families

We’re dedicated to supporting the social-emotional skills and well-being of children and the adults in their lives. Available year-round, these free resources are more relevant now than ever.

Winter Well-Being

Our seasonal video series helps families take care of their well-being with research-based advice from a mental health expert.
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Mind Yeti® Mindfulness Sessions

Practice mindfulness with free sessions designed for adults to do alongside children.
YouTube (English)
YouTube (Spanish)

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ParenTeen Connect

Real teens and their parents address hot-button topics to help others with useful advice, videos, and resources.
Learn More

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Captain Compassion® Comics

In comics and with fun activities, our bullying prevention superhero shows how everyone can help stop bullying.
Learn More

Hot Chocolate Talk.

Hot Chocolate Talk® Campaign

Our research-based how-to guides take the guesswork out of what to say to your child about sexual abuse.
Learn More

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Little Children, Big Challenges

Help young children face significant challenges with videos, songs, family resources, and printable downloads.
Learn More

Video Library

What Is Social-Emotional Learning?

What Are Second Step® Programs?

Introducing ParenTeen Connect

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