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A teacher leading a conversation in a classroom.

Understanding Student Stress and How Schools Can Help

June 20, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Learn the common signs of stress in kids and explore strategies for helping students manage school stress, such as improving school climate and getting peer support.

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Kids sitting in a middle school classroom.

4 Reasons Second Step® Middle School Is More Engaging than Ever

June 12, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

The updated Second Step® Middle School program help students and educators more actively engage in the process of social-emotional learning.

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A child sitting against a tree wearing headphones and looking at a notebook.

Ways to Make Your Classroom More Accessible for All Learners

June 5, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Learn how to create an inclusive classroom by setting norms of respect, designing accessible spaces, providing learning aids, and celebrating cultural diversity.

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A group of teenagers smiling.

Adolescent Mental Wellness in Crisis

May 29, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Read a recap of Dr. Jane Choi’s webinar on adolescent mental wellness, discussing post-pandemic struggles, CDC teen sadness data, and strategies for supportive school environments.

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Three kids sitting a smiling together.

Creating a Culture of Kindness: Using Research-Based Approaches to Prevent Bullying

May 22, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Recap of Amy Walker’s webinar on research-based approaches to prevent bullying, foster kindness, and build a positive school culture using social-emotional learning.

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Elementary students sitting and smiling in a classroom.

Teachers Rally Around Second Step® Programs: Interview with Educator Alison Cline

May 17, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Learn about Alison Cline’s experience with Second Step and how her school united to keep the curriculum, highlighting its positive impact on students.

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Three kids standing together with arms around each other.

How to Build Students’ Sense of Belonging at School

May 15, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Enhance students’ sense of belonging at school with SEL, inclusive curricula, and fostering self-identity, leading to better engagement and academic outcomes.

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Teacher at a table with a student and their parent

Fostering Parent-Teacher Collaboration: A Conversation with Helen Westmoreland

May 8, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Learn how parent-teacher collaboration enhances SEL with insights from Helen Westmoreland of the National PTA, fostering better child development.

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Teenagers walking down stairs in a school setting.

Making Long-Term SEL Implementation Work: 5 Tips for Leaders

May 1, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

We spoke to SEL expert Dorothy Espelage, PhD, a distinguished professor of education at the University of North Carolina. She shares five tips to ensure kids get the most benefits from SEL.

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Children sitting at a desk in the classroom.

Make an Impact with SEL Assessments: Insights from Three Experts

April 24, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

We sat down with three experts in the SEL curriculum and assessment space to identify ways to ensure SEL assessment success and avoid common roadblocks.

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Students posing for a selfie outside.

Connectedness Holds the Key to Student Well-Being: Insights from the CDC’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey 

April 17, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Explore how school connectedness influences student well-being and learn strategies from the CDC to enhance social-emotional learning and inclusion.

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Students working in a classroom, with their teacher supervising.

Preventing Cyberbullying: The Social-Emotional Learning Connection

April 10, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Explore how social-emotional learning (SEL) helps fight cyberbullying, creating safer online spaces for kids by fostering empathy, self-regulation, and positive environments.

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Students laughing with their teacher in a group working situation.

Teaching Responsible Decision-Making

April 3, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Discover how SEL nurtures responsible decision-making in kids, equipping them with key skills for success in school and beyond.

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A group of adults conversing while walking down a school hallway.

4 Strategies for Effective SEL Implementation

March 27, 2024 | By: The Second Step® Team

Learn 4 key strategies for integrating social-emotional learning in schools to enhance empathy, confidence, and resilience among students for a brighter future.

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