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second step social-emotional learning for adults

When Educators Thrive, Students Thrive

Now Available! Second Step® SEL for Adults

Build trust, manage stress, explore equity and belonging, and cultivate resilience and efficacy. Created for educators by educators, Second Step SEL for Adults is an all-new professional learning program that strengthens the social-emotional skills and well-being of K–12 teachers, leaders, and staff.

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Prioritize Educator Well-Being

Research shows that educators play a meaningful role in children’s social-emotional development and teacher well-being is a powerful predictor of classroom quality. That’s why we’ve partnered with leaders in adult education to equip every adult in a school with the skills to create a positive learning environment.

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Built for Every Educator

Offering whole-staff access and both individual- and group-learning experiences, Second Step SEL for Adults is an ongoing program that encourages incremental learning over time. Highly focused, mobile- and desktop-friendly modules fit into educators’ busy schedules, and school leaders are engaged along with staff with a robust Leader Track.

What the Program Includes

Staff Track

Second Step SEL for Adults is composed of modules, each representing a social-emotional professional learning domain. All staff complete two modules per year. Two modules are now available, two modules will be available spring and summer of 2022, and additional modules will follow. There are four units per module, each with a Kickoff Meeting for all staff (60 minutes), four to eight independent microlearnings (60–90 minutes total), and a small-group meeting (30 minutes).

Leader Track

Leaders work through the program alongside staff. In addition, the Leader Track provides a variety of supports and an additional 2–3 hours of learning, which includes forming a Leader Team and Leader Implementation Plan as well as facilitating module kickoffs. The Leader Track also includes additional content about ways to support a successful implementation.

  • Module
    Building Trust

    Educators reflect on why it’s important for schools to focus on cultivating a culture of trust, explore types of trust and effects of trust on school culture, learn routines that can be used to build trust with colleagues and with students, and help students build trust with each other.

  • Module
    Managing Stress

    Educators learn about the importance of reducing stress while building a positive classroom environment, examine their own levels of stress, learn routines that can be used with colleagues to reduce stress in the workplace and the classroom, and focus on helping students manage stress.

  • Module
    Equity & Belonging
    Available Spring 2022

    Educators explore social identity and how it influences not only their own sense of belonging but also that of their colleagues and students. They examine how mitigating unconscious biases can increase belonging. They also learn individual and collective routines that increase belonging and advance equity in their school.

  • Module
    Resilience & Efficacy
    Available Summer 2022

    Educators explore the relationship between efficacy and resilience and examine how nurturing self-efficacy and efficacy with colleagues increases resilience. They also learn routines that foster efficacy to bolster the collective resilience in their school.

How Does the Program Work?

From an overview of the modules’ contents to more details on implementation, this six-minute video goes further to show you how Second Step® SEL for Adults looks and works.


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Scope and Sequence
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Review of Research
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Alignment Chart

Subscription-Based Pricing

Second Step® SEL for Adults is purchased as a schoolwide license. Each license aligns to a single school (Grades K–12) and provides access to Second Step SEL for Adults for all adults in the school. When districts purchase for multiple schools, each schoolwide license covers a single school.

If you’re purchasing for a single school, pricing varies by enrollment. For multisite purchases, pricing varies by number of schools. Pricing for both is discounted to provide economies for multiyear purchases.

Are you purchasing for a single school?

Second Step® SEL for Adults Single-School Pricing


  • 1 Year

  • 3 Years

  • 5 Years

Number of Students


  • Save 25%

  • Save 35%


  • $2,259
  • $5,083
  • $7,342


  • $2,630
  • $5,918
  • $8,548


  • $3,103
  • $6,982
  • $10,085

Are you purchasing for multiple schools?

Second Step® SEL for Adults Multisite Pricing


  • 1 Year

  • 3 Years

  • 5 Years

Number of Licenses
1 per School


  • Save 25%

  • Save 35%


  • $2,259*
  • $5,083*
  • $7,342*

Save 5%

  • $2,146*
  • $4,829*
  • $6,975*

Save 10%

  • $2,033*
  • $4,575*
  • $6,608*

Save 12.5%

  • $1,977*
  • $4,448*
  • $6,424*

*Per School

Please contact our support team with any questions about the program or pricing. For district purchases and multisite pricing or pilot implementations, please contact us for a consultation.

Ready to Purchase?

You can buy a single-school license in our online store. Please contact us for multisite pricing and to purchase for multiple schools.

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