Mindfulness Sessions

Help Students Feel Calm, Focused, and Connected

Mind Yeti.
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New! Mind Yeti® Mindfulness Sessions

Along with a brand-new selection of songs and play-based activities, you can now choose to access 32 Mind Yeti mindfulness sessions and four introductory videos via the Second Step® Elementary digital program. This wealth of new content is designed to supplement the program’s core SEL lessons. It provides flexible ways for teachers to engage students in practicing social-emotional skills and mindfulness, and can be adapted to best fit teachers’ schedules and their students’ needs.

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    What's the Research?

    A mindfulness practice provides educators with a way to help students settle into the classroom environment. In this blog post, Senior Research Scientist Dr. Cailin Currie explains the value of mindfulness for students, how it relates to social-emotional learning, and how educators can use it to complement the Second Step Elementary digital program.

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    Mindfulness Sessions in the Classroom

    Teachers and counselors can use the sessions to start the day, facilitate smoother transitions after lunch or recess, and end the day with gratitude. Educators can build routines that best fit their classrooms to help create kinder, more positive learning environments.

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    Help Students Feel Ready to Learn

    Mindfulness starts with students’ inner experiences and helps them connect those experiences to what’s happening around them. These short, guided sessions invite kids to calm their minds and focus their attention to help them get ready to learn.

  • What Can Mindfulness Do for Your Class?

    See mindfulness practices in the classroom.

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