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Second Step® Early Learning Teacher's Guide: Part 1

Make a Strong Start

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It’s exciting to welcome early learners into the classroom and start a new year with Second Step Early Learning. This guide offers tips on how to prepare for success and use the Second Step Early Learning Weekly Themes to connect with children and help them develop social-emotional skills for life.

Key Moments

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Preparing for Success

  • Register on
  • Join the Second Step® Educator Community
  • Go through the provided training
  • Place program posters where everyone can see them to reinforce key social-emotional learning (SEL) concepts from the first day of school

Week 1

  • Establish a regular schedule for both Weekly Themes and daily activities (we’ve included a weekly planning template to help): these routines will help create smoother transitions with fewer disruptions

Week 3

Resource Library

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SecondStep.orgLogin Required

This is the official website for the Second Step® family of programs where you can register with the program activation key in your kit. You’ll then be able to access digital teaching materials and additional training and support resources.

Example of kit activation instructions

Kickoff TrainingLogin Required

These training resources, available in English and Spanish, provide a complete walk-through of Second Step Early Learning. Whether you’re new to the program or have years of experience, this training includes everything you need to know about the program and SEL.

Week-at-a-Glance SheetsLogin Required

These summaries of what children will learn, practice, and need reinforced throughout the program are great for a quick review before teaching each Weekly Theme.

Weekly Plan TemplateLogin Required

This simple worksheet can be used to help plan the Weekly Theme and daily activities.

Social-Emotional Learning: What Is SEL and Why SEL MattersLogin Required

This video provides a great introduction to SEL and is easy to share with families and staff.
English: Watch Now
Spanish: Watch Now

Join the Second Step® Educator Community

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Tap into the collective wisdom of thousands of teachers around the nation—and the expertise of Committee for Children staff—in this free professional learning community (hosted on Facebook). Ask questions, learn in the company of peers, and share experiences and ideas to improve the program.

Visit the community’s Facebook page to join.

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