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Coming March 2024: An All-New Program

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Create a Culture Where Everyone Is Most Likely to Succeed

Great high schools empower everyone to succeed. With Second Step® High School, you can help create a culture where all students build connections, confidence, resilience, and other skills they need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

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    It flexes to fit busy high schools. The program integrates with your existing schedule, offering ways to adapt the learning, and providing a choice of implementation options.

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    It helps students face challenges and opportunities unique to their age. The learning is based on up-to-date research, a culturally responsive framework, and student feedback.

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    It’s easy for adolescents to embrace. The curriculum includes elements of voice and choice for students, so it can be authentically contextualized to their perspectives.

  • A selection of sample screens from the High School SEL program.

    Everyone's on the Same Page

    Second Step High School includes leader practices, educator practices, and student activities for each of four pathways. With this scaffolded approach, everyone’s in alignment as the whole school progresses through the learning.


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    Early Look!

    For an advance look at Second Step High School, join us for an unveiling webinar on February 27 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific time.

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    The program will be ready for purchase spring 2024. If you’re building a school budget, contact us to learn more, or explore our price list.