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Create Successful Learners

Help students feel safe, supported, and ready to learn. Create a healthy learning environment and teach competencies that support the whole child for a lifetime of learning.

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“Before, things in class were more chaotic, but now things are quieter and students are able to walk through situations with each other.”
Early Learning Teacher, Western New York Learn More
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Give teachers what they need to make a difference: more time for teaching, tools they can easily embrace, and help with what matters most—improving kids’ lives.

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“They’re not even the same kids anymore.”
Jeannie Larberg, Comprehensive Guidance Coordinator, Sumner School District, WA Learn More
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Provide a Common Language

Unify your school community. Get everyone on the same team, use language that builds relationships and student success, and build a positive school climate.

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“Second Step puts into words the feelings and emotions that kids have and sometimes don’t know how to express.”
Andrea Jennings, Graduate Student/Teacher, The Bridge Project, Denver, CO Learn More
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Invest in each child's potential. Give all students a better shot at success, boost attendance and graduation rates, and improve measures of academic performance.

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