Mid Florida

A Head Start on Positive Relationships

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Using the tools, using the steps will make it a lot easier—on the teacher, on the parent, even on the child . . . it has made my classroom run really smoothly.

Lorraine Almodovar, Head Start Teacher in Osteen, FL

Head Start educators at Mid Florida Community Services are passionate about providing their students with social-emotional skills that will last a lifetime. The program’s education manager, Damaris Conner, says, “I personally think that every school should use a curriculum that teaches children social skills.”

These educators are adamant that their students be given every opportunity for growth and strive to provide the tools for classroom success with the help of Second Step Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). With each lesson, teachers see their young students develop their ability to make new friends, talk about their feelings, and manage their emotions—and these valuable skills aren’t just within the classroom. Thrilled parents are reporting these positive behaviors at home as well.