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Note to Parents

Hannah Keeps Herself Safe is an interactive story about a girl who uses the rules and skills taught in the Child Protection Unit to keep herself safe. In this story, Hannah must deal with a trusted neighbor who is trying to lure her into an abusive situation. She is faced with several important decisions about how to keep herself safe. As you and your child work through the story, you’ll make decisions for Hannah to help her stay safe.

Talking About Hannah Keeps Herself Safe

Your child has already discussed Hannah Keeps Herself Safe as part of a Child Protection Unit review lesson. You can use Hannah’s story to help you talk to your child about unsafe or abusive situations and how to handle them. As you explore the story together, allow your child to coach you using the skills he or she learned at school.

Click the Info button at the top of the screen as you work through the story for additional information that can help you and your child decide what Hannah should do.

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