Program Endorsements and “the Lists”

What Are “the Lists”?

National agencies and organizations endorse programs that have met a set of criteria for best practices. These endorsements are often referred to as “the lists.”

The programs on these lists have gone through evaluation studies that show positive results. Some of the lists require a program’s development to be evidence-based.

Why Are the Lists Important?

Many funding agencies require programs to be on one or more of the lists to qualify for grants.

Is Second Step on the Lists?

Yes! Second Step is based on a solid foundation of research and has gone through a number of evaluation studies.

What Agencies Have Endorsed Second Step?

What Other Organizations Endorse Committee for Children’s Programs?

  • Drug Strategies published review of results in Safe Schools, Safe Students: A Guide to Violence Prevention Strategies and gave Second Step its highest rating
  • Promising Practices Network included Second Step on its Programs That Work list
  • Northwest Regional Educational Library Creating Schoolwide Prevention and Intervention Strategies
  • Kansas State Department of Education