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Second Step SEL and Bullying Prevention for K-5: Power to Create a Positive School Climate

Social-emotional skills taught in Second Step SEL create the foundation for positive relationships and assertiveness skills in K-5 classrooms. The staff training, student lessons, and family materials of the Bullying Prevention Unit build on that to develop a healthy school environment that's safe and welcoming for all learners.

Topics: K-5 Educators

Thursday, November 15 | 2:00 p.m. Eastern | 45 minutes


Mind Yeti for Schools: Calm, Focus, and Connect

Unlock unlimited access to our growing library of 80+ mindfulness sessions that help students focus their minds and calm their bodies. Mind Yeti for Schools can help kick-start the day, ease lunch and recess transitions, and calm test anxiety, not to mention enhance classroom management for K-5 teachers.

Topics: K-5 Educators

Tuesday, November 20 | 2:00 p.m. Eastern | 30 minutes


Second Step SEL for Early Learning: Improved Behavior, Improved Learning

Help your littlest learners harness their potential by teaching them to listen, control their behavior, and get along with others. Students enter kindergarten set up for success with the self-regulation and social-emotional skills taught in the evidence-based Second Step SEL program.

Tuesday, November 27 | 2:00 p.m. Eastern | 1 hour


Second Step Child Protection: Working Together to Keep Kids Safe

Learn how policies and procedures, trauma-informed staff training, student lessons, and family materials in the Second Step Child Protection Unit for Early Learning-Grade 5 help keep children safe from child abuse and neglect.

Wednesday, November 28 | 2:00 p.m. Eastern | 30 minutes


Second Step for Middle School: Create a Culture of Connectedness

The latest iteration of Second Step for middle schools brings together today's technology, the latest in developmental research, and real classroom feedback. The result: an SEL program that helps educators build a culture of connectedness and empowers middle schoolers with skills to succeed socially and academically.

Tuesday, December 4 | 2:00 p.m. Eastern | 1 hour


School-Based SEL as a Foundation for Abuse Prevention: A State and Schools Collaboration in GA

Although some may see child abuse prevention and social-emotional learning (SEL) as two different domains, leaders within the Georgia Department of Child and Family Services (Prevention and Community Support Section) and Atlanta Public Schools understand that SEL can be primary prevention for their community. Just as the founding researchers of Committee for Children (creators of the Second Step program) discovered nearly 40 years ago, victims and perpetrators of child sexual abuse often lack fundamental social and emotional competencies, such as emotion management, empathy, and social awareness. In a state plagued by some of the highest rates of child sexual abuse in the nation, Georgia leaders embarked on an ambitious program to fund and create long-term, systemic change within their communities via schools and districts, with the goal of decreasing the prevalence of abuse across their state. Join this live webinar to hear firsthand from Section Director of Prevention and Community Support Natalie Towns and Social Emotional Learning Coordinator for Atlanta Public Schools Tara Shelton about practical strategies and learnings from their statewide collaboration and what it’s meant for local schools.

Friday, December 7 | 2:00 p.m. Eastern | 1 hour