Not Just
Better Students,

Better People

We can teach middle schoolers about math, grammar, and history. But how do we help them become better people? Educators can give students the social and emotional skills they need to thrive.

Discover the new Second Step Middle School Program. Our web-based social-emotional learning program for middle school supports the whole child.

Inspire with Free Posters for Your Classroom

We asked students what teachers could do to help them be better people and turned their answers into a beautiful motivational poster series for your office, hallways, or classroom. Get a free download of three art posters today by submitting the form to the right.

Want to Find Out More About the Second Step Middle School Program?

Our web-based social-emotional learning program helps students become socially skilled, form healthy relationships, make good decisions, and cope with the social and academic challenges of middle school.

Learn more: Watch a video tour, sign up for a free webinar, download a lesson scope and sequence, and learn about what other educators have to say about the program.

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