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Everyday Mindfulness for Schools

Success in the classroom only happens when children are in the right frame of mind to learn. All too often, they’re distracted and can’t focus—what we call “having a case of the Hubbub.” We created Mind Yeti so children can gain a sense of mindfulness for school, helping them manage the classroom atmosphere and boost their Second Step skills.

Who Is Mind Yeti For?

We developed Mind Yeti for kids in Grades K–5 (and their adults).

Why Choose Mind Yeti?

Mind Yeti features simple, calming activities that can be used to settle the Hubbub anytime, anywhere.

Take a brain break

Take a “Brain Break”

Mind Yeti audio sessions, just 3–5 minutes each, relax students’ bodies and get their minds ready for learning.

Ease transitions

Ease Transitions

At the start of the day, before lunch, or after recess, Mind Yeti settles students, one at a time or as a whole class.

Engage families

Engage Families

Share Mind Yeti with parents so they can practice mindfulness with their kids and deepen social-emotional learning.

“I was surprised by how well my students took to it and how they described their feelings afterward. We’ve used it every day since.”
Misty S., Teacher

Mind Yeti Circle

Take a Seat, Relax, and Listen

It’s a non-stop, busy world. Mind Yeti was developed by mindfulness and social-emotional learning experts to be an easy way to take a purposeful pause.

  • For kids in Grades K–5 (and their adults)
  • 15 short, free-forever audio sessions
  • A growing array of premium content
  • Schoolwide site licenses available
  • Available on any connected device

Curious about how Mind Yeti can be used with the Second Step Program?
See the alignment chart.

“At first, I was like, ‘Why are we listening to this?’ But then, after a while, I was like, ‘Wow, this really helps,’ and I started using it all the time.”
Francis L., Fourth-Grade Student

Mind Yeti for Schools

Practicing mindfulness a few minutes a day can help students learn to calm, focus, and connect. Join 40,000 other users and find out for yourself.

Mindfulness in Action

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With Mind Yeti for Schools, gain unlimited access to a growing number of mindfulness sessions that:

  • Help students focus their minds and calm their bodies
  • Kickstart the day, get class going after recess, and calm test anxiety
  • Improve classroom management for Kindergarten–Grade 5

“We are thrilled with Mind Yeti! We've seen immediate results in quickly calming down and getting back on task, especially with some of our most challenging students.”
Nikki Marie Reid, LMSW, Intervention Specialist Coordinator, Aldine Independent School District, Houston, TX

Ready to Purchase?

View all of the options we offer for Mind Yeti.

Mind Yeti Basic

Get started with mindfulness and listen to 15 free-forever mindfulness sessions.


Mind Yeti Premium

Gain access to 65 mindfulness audio sessions with our growing library of content.


(annual price per user)

Mind Yeti for Schools

Give Mind Yeti Premium with unlimited access to staff members to calm, focus, and connect schoolwide.


(annual price per school)

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