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Introducing the All-New Second Step Middle School Program for Grades 6–8

It’s here. We examined the latest developmental research. We looked at how today’s technology can facilitate interaction and improve effectiveness. Then, after a top-to-bottom redesign, the Second Step Program was submitted to the rigors of extensive field testing in classrooms nationwide. Discover the next step in social-emotional learning (SEL) for middle school.

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Best-in-Class Social-Emotional Learning

The new Second Step Middle School Program is a first-of-its-kind SEL curriculum that’s modern, web-based, and responsive to the needs of today’s students and educators. It’s underpinned by the latest research in adolescent brain development and social psychology, and it’s been refined through multiple pilot programs in classrooms across the country. The result is a program that doesn’t just help kids do better in school. It helps them do better in life.

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Simple and Effective for Teachers

For any SEL program to be successful, first it has to work for teachers and help them meet the daily demands they face. Extensive field research and piloting have resulted in an intuitive interface teachers are quick to embrace. User feedback has led to a program with unprecedented flexibility—it provides a full year’s lessons for three grades and 176 advisory activities, so teachers can expand or adapt it based on the unique situation in their classroom. The program also requires minimal prep time, and because it’s web-based, everything is in one place.

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Relevant to Today’s Middle Schooler

Instead of scripted lectures, we created dynamic, relevant, discussion-based content that offers practical skills for situations both in and out of the classroom. Many lessons feature videos of real kids talking about issues applicable to their daily lives. We also engage middle schoolers the way they love to be engaged: through interactive media. And with the wealth of material, lessons always feel fresh and interesting.

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Look inside the new Second Step Middle School Program. This tour will show you what it’s like to navigate the modules and use the features within the program.

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What’s Included in the Program?

For each grade, the program is fully loaded with a year of weekly Second Step SEL lessons. There are also 176 advisory activities, professional learning, and an abundance of additional resources, such as lesson plans to extend SEL throughout the day, SEL rubrics, and much more. A Principal Toolkit (beta) is also included for schoolwide licenses, offering administrative and implementation resources.

Social-Emotional Learning Lessons

The program’s lessons, which take approximately 25 minutes each, are projected from a web-based portal and require little prep time. They address four key areas of SEL.

Unit 1
Mindsets & Goals
6 or 7 lessons per grade

Students develop a growth mindset and learn research-based strategies for achieving goals. Lessons can be applied to social and academic aspects of their lives.

Unit 2
Values & Friendships
5 lessons per grade

Students learn to make decisions based on their personal values and to build strong friendships and relationships while avoiding negative ones.

Unit 3
Thoughts, Emotions, & Decisions
5 lessons per grade

Students are taught the relationship between thoughts, emotions, and decisions and learn strategies for staying in control when they’re experiencing strong emotions.

Unit 4
Serious Peer Conflicts
9 lessons per grade

Students are taught how to identify, avoid, and resolve serious conflicts. They also learn strategies to prevent bullying and harassment.

Middle School Short Scope and Sequence

Scope & Sequence

A complete list of units and weekly lesson topics for three grades of social-emotional learning.

Download the Full PDF | Download the Short PDF

Explore a Lesson Sample

Advisory Activities

Advisory Activities

Educators can create a complete advisory program from the 176 scripted Class Meetings, Class Challenges, and Service-Learning Projects included in the program. These advisory activities can be used with their corresponding weekly lessons to reinforce skills or as stand-alone experiences.

See the Advisory Program Guide (PDF)

Advisory Activities

Professional Learning

Five modular learning experiences help bolster educators’ own social-emotional skills and offer strategies for encouraging SEL in the classroom. These modules can be completed individually or in a group setting, and in a single session or throughout the year.

See the Professional Learning Summary (PDF)

Advisory Activities

Principal Toolkit (Beta)

Administrators can support program success with implementation tools and an online dashboard for monitoring use and progress. Available with purchase of a schoolwide license.

See a Sample of the Principal Toolkit

“It gives students a chance to express themselves . . . ‘Second Step’ has allowed them to talk to us, but more importantly, it has allowed us to listen.”
Sheila Mallory, Principal, Philadelphia, PA

Not just better students, better people

Not Just Better Students, Better People

We can teach middle schoolers about math, grammar, and history. But how do we help them become better people? That question is at the heart of the Second Step Middle School Program.

Get Inspired by Middle Schoolers (And Get a Free Gift!)

Meet the Makers of the Middle School Program

Meet the Makers of the Middle School Program

Learn more about the ideas and rigorous process that went into creating a new social-emotional learning program for middle school—and the people behind it all.

Meet the Team Now

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Pricing Options

Schoolwide License 1 year 3 years 5 years
Entire Middle School Program All-Staff Access for Grades 6–8 $2,499 $5,999 $7,999
Individual Licenses 1 year 3 years 5 years
Entire Middle School Program Grade 6—Single Classroom $199 $499 $649
Entire Middle School Program Grade 7—Single Classroom $199 $499 $649
Entire Middle School Program Grade 8—Single Classroom $199 $499 $649

What’s a schoolwide license? Glad you asked. It allows access to the program’s lessons, activities, and resources for a nearly unlimited number of your school’s educators and staff. It’s an investment in a positive school climate, and it brings the benefits of SEL to every classroom. It also comes with a Principal Toolkit so administrators can support and monitor use and progress. An individual license is also available—perfect for supporting a single classroom with one user login.

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