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Schoolwide Improvement

It’s never too early to provide students and staff with tools to prevent bullying, both in your school and in the community. Based on the latest field research, Second Step’s Bullying Prevention Unit teaches Kindergarten–Grade 5 students how to recognize, report, and refuse bullying.

Lifelong Success

As students master these crucial skills, educators and school staff learn to recognize and respond appropriately when they observe bullying or receive a bullying report, all while gaining insight into teaching the unit to children.

Who Is the Bullying Prevention Unit For?

Building on the fundamentals of Second Step SEL, we developed the Bullying Prevention Unit with age-appropriate lessons for elementary classrooms (Kindergarten–Grade 5).

Why Choose Second Step's Bullying Prevention Unit?

Based in Research Icon

Research Based

Based in research and backed by evidence, the Bullying Prevention Unit allows teachers to make the best use of class time.
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Integrated Approach

Via online training, school staff learn to work with all students involved in bullying, including bystanders, for an improved school climate.
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Helps Build Trust

When all staff learn how to recognize and respond to bullying effectively, students understand that they can trust staff to deal with it appropriately.

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Engaging Lesson Videos

Now available to stream, without a DVD!
With the help of acclaimed author Trudy Ludwig, we’ve woven engaging live action and animated videos into every lesson.
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Reaches Families Icon

Reaches Families

Family materials extend lessons beyond the classroom and help families distinguish between peer conflict and bullying.
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Easy to Implement

The Bullying Prevention Unit includes principal resources, staff training, and student lessons to help everyone learn bullying prevention techniques.
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“Relationships are so key in solving bullying issues. Kids love to trust that the adult cares. That's why it's so important that every single adult in a building has the strategy and the knowledge to listen to a student and validate what they're saying.”
Kim Bilanko, Principal, Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Kirkland, WA

Lesson Samples

Explore the breadth of lessons, activities, and take-home materials in Second Step’s Bullying Prevention Unit. Combined, these pieces create a comprehensive program to help educators prevent bullying throughout the school.

Sample Materials from Grade 5, Lesson 3: Refusing Bullying
Sample Materials from Grade 2, Lesson 3: Refusing Bullying
CPU Scope and Sequence

Scope & Sequence

A complete list of lessons and learning objectives for the Bullying Prevention Unit, Kindergarten–Grade 5.

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Staff Training

The Bullying Prevention Unit truly starts with training for all staff, with the following online training modules.

Module 1

Principals and Program Coordinators (45–60 minutes)
Module 1 helps principals and program coordinators understand the adult/student relationship, refine and communicate their bullying policies and procedures, and communicate with families.

Module 2

All Staff Training (75–90 minutes)
Module 2 guides all school staff through scenarios that teach them how to recognize, respond to, and report bullying, and then make a plan for how to handle incidents.

Module 3

Teach the Lessons (45–60 minutes)
Module 3 provides teachers and counselors with valuable instruction about teaching the lessons, following through, and involving families.

View a sample from Module 2

The Bullying Prevention Unit features training modules to help staff develop ways to effectively identify and deal with bullying throughout the school. Staff education is easy to implement and will help make a difference in students’ lives.

Try Out the Sample Training Scenario

Getting Started

Are you ready to take the next step toward a safer and more positive school climate? Make the most of our award-winning curriculum with the how-tos and tips in our guide, Getting Started with the Bullying Prevention Unit.

Additional Resources

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Resources for Families


Family Letters

Keep families informed about classroom instruction and help them actively participate with online family resources.


Take-Home Activities

Encourage family discussions and help students reinforce skills with these Take-Home Activities.

Sample Take-Home Activity  (PDF)
Book List for Children

Book List for Kids

Recommended Children’s Books  (PDF)

Articles for Families

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