Second Step Grades 1–5 Bundle

Set a clear course for school success

The elementary years bring exciting new challenges and opportunities. It’s the prime time to nurture social-emotional awareness and skills for learning. The evidence-based Second Step Program for Grades 1–5 includes everything needed to make it easy for teachers to integrate social-emotional learning into their classrooms, which decreases problem behaviors and increases whole-school success by promoting self-regulation, safety, and support.

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Save an additional $206 when you order the Second Step Grades 1–5 Bundle, which includes:

  • 1 Grade 1 classroom kit
  • 1 Grade 2 classroom kit
  • 1 Grade 3 classroom kit
  • 1 Grade 4 classroom kit
  • 1 Grade 5 classroom kit
  • Streaming media for all grades, including online access to lesson photos, songs, and videos (also in Spanish for Grades 1–3)
  • Online Training included with each classroom kit
  • Downloadable Spanish translations of lessons and teaching resources

Help students in Grades 1–5 succeed socially and academically. By ordering the Second Step Grades 1–5 bundle package, you’ll save money, provide students with a strong foundation for learning, and help create a common language of understanding and communication among students, teachers, and families.

Second Step skills help students get the most out of school. The program features fun, interactive lessons packed with activities. Students learn self-regulation skills that help with academic tasks, plus how to calm themselves down, how to appreciate others’ points of view, and how to apply critical thinking and peaceful problem-solving skills. Teachers love these easy-to-use, research-based lessons, and achievement soars when schools are filled with students who are ready to learn and know how to get along with one another.

How It Works

Social-emotional skills—like math skills—build on each other. Our universal, classroom-based program is designed to teach children how to understand and manage their emotions, control their reactions, be aware of others’ feelings, and have the skills to problem-solve and make responsible decisions. Each grade-level kit includes easy-to-teach, short weekly lessons, engaging songs and games, and daily activities and take-home materials to reinforce learning.

Second Step Program Overview Video

K–5 Scope & Sequence

Second Step Program (PDF)

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