Second Step Grade 8 Classroom Kit (2008 Edition)

Exploring ideas and making plans

Eighth-grade students are going through physical, social, and emotional growth spurts. They want to try new things and are interested in how things work. The evidence-based Second Step Program provides much-needed lessons on self-esteem, being a good friend, stereotypes, bullying on dates, substance abuse prevention, and keeping commitments. Students wrap up their middle school years with the skills they need for a successful transition to high school.

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For schoolwide or advisory implementation, we recommend one kit per classroom.
Each Second Step Grade 8 classroom kit includes:

In the binder:

  • 13 lessons
  • Lesson Companion DVD
  • 4 posters
  • Academic Integration Activities
  • Homework and Family Letters
  • Formative and summative assessments

Online when you register your kit:

  • Facilitator-led, video-based training
  • Easy-to-use teaching instructions
  • Writable student handouts and homework
  • Family materials to email home (also in Spanish)
  • Digital versions of support materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Videos to help get staff and parents ready for the program

Grade 8: Stepping Ahead lesson topics include leadership, setting goals, and being open-minded; bullying within relationships and groups; labels, stereotypes, and prejudice; identifying hopes and plans; and positive self-talk to avoid substance

Lesson Topics

Grade 8 lessons are taught once a week and take 50 minutes or can be taught in two parts of 25 minutes each, either option with minimal prep time.

Empathy and Communication

  • Working in Groups
  • Leaders and Allies
  • Handling a Grievance
  • Negotiating and Compromising

Bullying Prevention

  • Bullying in Friendships
  • Labels, Stereotypes, and Prejudice
  • Bullying in Dating Relationships

Emotion Management

  • De-escalating a Tense Situation
  • Coping with Stress

Goal Setting

  • Making Your Plan
  • Evaluating Your Plan

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Identifying Future Goals
  • Keeping Your Commitment

Grade 8 Scope & Sequence

Second Step Program (PDF)


Middle School Program Overview

Lesson Samples

Lesson 6: Bullying Prevention: Labels, Stereotypes, and Prejudice


"Real Voices" Video Excerpt

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