Second Step Grade 6 Classroom Kit (2008 Edition)

Setting a course for success

Sixth grade is when many students first encounter peer pressure, substance abuse, and social bullying. The evidence-based Second Step Program provides age-appropriate lessons to teach important skills, such as how to disagree respectfully, be assertive, and recognize and respond to bullying. Videos and class discussions engage students and offer strategies for solving problems, identifying hopes, and making plans.

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For schoolwide or advisory implementation, we recommend one kit per classroom.
Each Second Step Grade 6 classroom kit includes:

In the binder:

  • 15 lessons
  • Lesson Companion DVD
  • 3 posters
  • Academic Integration Activities
  • Homework and Family Letters
  • Formative and summative assessments

Online when you register your kit:

  • Facilitator-led, video-based training
  • Easy-to-use teaching instructions
  • Writable student handouts and homework
  • Family materials to email home (also in Spanish)
  • Digital versions of support materials
  • Assessment tools
  • Videos to help get staff and parents ready for the program

Grade 6: Stepping Up lesson topics include perspective taking, juggling responsibility, and solving problems peacefully; how to recognize and prevent bullying; brain-body-emotions connection; and staying free from alcohol and other drugs.

Lesson Topics

Grade 6 lessons are taught once a week and take 50 minutes or can be taught in two parts of 25 minutes each, either option with minimal prep time.

Empathy and Communication

  • Working in Groups
  • Friends and Allies
  • Considering Perspectivies
  • Disagreeing Respectfully
  • Being Assertive

Bullying Prevention

  • Recognizing Bullying
  • Bystanders

Emotion Management

  • Emotions—Brain and Body
  • Calming-Down Strategies

Problem Solving

  • Using the Action Steps
  • Making a Plan

Substance Abuse Prevention

  • Tobacco and Marijuana
  • Alcohol and Inhalants
  • Identifying Hopes and Plans
  • Making a Commitment

Grade 6 Scope & Sequence

Second Step Program (PDF)


Middle School Program Overview

Lesson Samples

Lesson 4: Empathy and Communication: Disagreeing Respectfully


"Chores" Video Excerpt

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