Purrble® Calming Toy

A Little Friend to Help Cope with Big Emotions

Purrble is an interactive plush toy designed to help kids manage their emotions and feel calm. Purrble can be used in a variety of school-based settings: in the front office, in discipline-referral situations, one-on-one with counselors or behavioral aides, and in classrooms. This year, a limited number of Purrble calming toys are available to school-based staff across the United States so that we can learn how Purrble affects educators’ work with students. To ensure that a wide variety of schools and educators are included, we’re limiting Purrble purchases to 10 toys per school.

At this time, Purrble toys can only be purchased online. All sales must come through the Second Step® website via credit card. Purchase orders cannot be processed for this product. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Client Support Team at 800-634-4449, ext. 1.

Help your students take the first step toward calm with Purrble.

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Supplies are limited. Maximum 10 Purrble toys per customer.

Purrble helps students take the first step toward calm. The toy’s development began with an in-depth research process that studied how engaging play can help children focus, feel calm, and process big emotions. By soothing Purrble, students learn how to self-soothe when their own big emotions bubble up. When students are calm and focused, they’re readier and more able to practice their Second Step emotion-processing skills. Committee for Children is continuing to explore how Purrble can help students develop emotion-processing skills, especially in school environments. Purrble is most appropriate for students ages 5–12, though there is a growing body of research pointing to Purrble’s usefulness with older kids in special education and Tier 2 settings.