Purrble® Calming Companion

A Little Friend to Help Cope with Big Emotions

Purrble is an interactive tool that helps kids manage their emotions and feel calm. By soothing Purrble, students learn how to self-soothe when their own big emotions bubble up. When students are calm and focused, they’re readier and more able to practice their Second Step® emotion-processing skills.

Help your students take the first step toward calm with Purrble.

Product # 105007

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Purrble helps students take the first step toward calm. Its development began with an in-depth research process that studied how engaging play can help children focus, feel calm, and process big emotions. Purrble can be used in a variety of school-based settings: in the front office, in discipline-referral situations, one-on-one with counselors or behavioral aides, and in classrooms. Purrble is most appropriate for students ages 5–12, though there is a growing body of research pointing to Purrble’s usefulness with older kids in special education and Tier 2 settings.