Be-Calm Bunny

Be-Calm Bunny is included in every Second Step Kindergarten kit, but it can also be purchased separately.

Product # 100062

Price $17.00


Be-Calm Bunny is a plush little fellow whose not-so-cushy job is to remind children to listen respectfully and take turns talking. He may appear to be timid and cuddly, but he’s all business when it comes to helping young children learn to calm themselves. The fluffy white and tan rabbit makes his burrow in the Second Step Kindergarten kit, and counts among his best friends puppets Puppy and Snail (also included in the Kindergarten kit). This dynamic trio, along with savvy Kindergarten teachers, guides children in learning social skills necessary for success in life. Children love getting a turn to hold Be-Calm Bunny. Guidelines for use are included.

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