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Second Step® Middle School Implementation and Training

Tools and Resources for Back-to-School 2020

The updated Second Step® Middle School program is now available! You can now find the most up-to- date versions of these implementation tools and resources inside the program. Access the program via your Dashboard.

This Second Step® Middle School Back-to-School 2020 page will be retired on October 31, 2020.

Implementation Snapshot

The Implementation Snapshot breaks down implementation tasks and goals chronologically by season and by role within the school community. It will help you plan and prepare for your school’s implementation of the fall 2020 Second Step Middle School Program.
Find the Implementation Snapshot and video in the Principal Toolkit Plan section.

school leader checklist thumbnail

SEL Leadership Team Checklist

This checklist helps school leadership monitor the progress and completion of their most important implementation tasks throughout the year. Follow a step-by-step plan for tracking the leadership priorities described in the Implementation Snapshot.

Find the SEL Leadership Team Checklist in the Principal Toolkit Plan section.

staff overview ppt thumbnail

Staff Overview Presentation

Kick off your Second Step implementation with the Staff Overview presentation. This presentation will help orient school staff to the components, expectations, and goals of Second Step Middle School.

Find the Staff Overview presentation in the training section.

Family Open House Presentation and Flyer

Orient families and community members to the expectations and goals of the Second Step family of programs and provide insight into how they can support their children’s social-emotional development. This presentation can be facilitated early in the year by a building leader at a family night or open house.

Find the Family Open House presentation and flyer in the Principal Toolkit Monitor and Reinforce section.

evaluation guide thumbnail

Program Evaluation Guide

This resource will help you develop a plan for evaluating how students in your school are benefiting from Second Step Middle School. The guide walks you through choosing an evaluation design and interpreting and making use of the data you gather.

Find the Program Evaluation guide in the Principal Toolkit Plan section.