Middle School

Activities, Materials, and Resources for Grades 6–8

SEL Day Activity Pack

On the second Friday in March, schools around the world will be celebrating SEL Day. This pack contains two activities you can use with your students to celebrate the importance of SEL.

On SEL Day, join in the global celebration on social media. Post photos or videos of your students’ gratitude boards and advocacy messages using the hashtags #SELday and #SecondStep, and explore what other classes are doing to celebrate.
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Resilience Activities

A collection of research-based activities to help teachers support students’ coping, recovery, and well-being following a crisis.
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Second Step® Community Rebuilding Unit

Lessons designed to support schools as they reopen after extended school closures.
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Class Coat of Arms

A team activity to support a positive climate and help kids strengthen bonds, while also learning a little about history.
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An ice-breaker activity to help kids practice making conversation and showing interest in others.
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Class Challenge: Make Fast Friends

A 10-minute activity to help students get to know each other and nurture relationships.
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Solutions to Community Problems

An academic integration activity to help kids practice working together to understand and solve problems.
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Summer Letter

This lesson is adapted from Second Step® Middle School and helps students at the end of the school year reflect on what they’ve learned by writing a letter to their future selves.
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Get Ready for Unity Day

A poster-making activity to prepare for Unity Day in October, when schools show support for bullying prevention by wearing orange and learning about unity.
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Bullying or Joking?

An activity to help students learn how to tell when a friend is bullying or just joking, and how to be an upstander.
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Different from You

An exercise to help students appreciate the benefits of having friends who are different and discuss diversity and inclusivity.
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