Activities, Materials, and Resources for Grades K–5

SEL Day Activity Pack

On the second Friday in March, schools around the world will be celebrating SEL Day. This pack contains activities, announcements, and an assembly script you can use in your school or classroom to celebrate the importance of SEL.

On SEL Day, join in the global celebration on social media. Post photos or videos of how your school or classroom is celebrating using the hashtags #SELday and #SecondStep. Follow these hashtags to see how others around the world are marking this day.
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Resilience Activities

A collection of research-based activities to help teachers support students’ coping, recovery, and well-being following a crisis.
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Second Step® Community Rebuilding Unit

A series of five lessons, aligned with Second Step® Elementary, to help foster a sense of community among students and staff—perfect to use at the beginning of the school year, after holiday breaks, or after any extended closure.

Mind Yeti® Mindfulness Activities

A kid-friendly library of research-based, guided mindfulness sessions to help kids (and adults) calm their minds, focus their attention, and connect to the world around them.
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Being Grateful for Big and Little Things

An activity based on a Mind Yeti quote to help students practice gratitude for things big and small.
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Hello Gratitude: Being Grateful for the Good Things in Life

An activity adapted from a Mind Yeti mindfulness session focusing on gratitude.
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Solutions to Community Problems

An academic integration activity to help kids practice working together to understand and solve problems.
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Reinforce SEL Lessons with Haiku

A fun, creative activity designed to reinforce social-emotional skills through the rhythm of writing haiku.
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Inclusive Communities

A lesson adapted from Second Step Elementary that teaches students how to invite others to join in and why being inclusive is important within a community.
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The Invisible Boy: Classroom Discussions

These prompts guide discussion before, during, and after reading this book by Trudy Ludwig, and cover topics such as empathy, inclusion, and bullying prevention.
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Cross the Room

An ice-breaker activity to help students get to know each other and find out what they have in common.
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Making a Difference

A creative activity designed to acknowledge and celebrate when kids treat others with kindness and respect.
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Class Coat of Arms

A team activity to support a positive climate and help kids strengthen bonds, while also learning a little about history.
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An ice-breaker activity to help kids practice making conversation and showing interest in others.
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