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SEL Day Activity: Teaching Belly Breathing

On the second Friday in March, schools around the world will be celebrating SEL Day. Use this activity as a fun way for your class to participate.

On SEL Day, join in the global celebration. Share how your class is using this activity on social media using the hashtags #SELday and #SecondStep and add your voice to all those who support SEL in education.
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12 Recommended Books About Empathy and Kindness

A few of our favorite books to teach young children about empathy and how to be kind.
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Where the Wild Things Are Reading Guide

Questions to encourage children to talk about this classic book that explores the complexity of feelings and how to cope with loneliness.
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Welcoming a New Neighbor

A role-playing activity to help children practice introducing themselves, saying something kind, and doing something kind.
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Welcoming Words

A fun activity to help children practice friendly greetings—perfect for welcoming each other to class at the beginning of a new school year.
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