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2022–2023 Second Step® Educator of the Year Awards

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Celebrating Excellence

Every day, educators across the country use Second Step® social-emotional learning (SEL) programs to build safe, supportive environments where their students and colleagues can thrive.

This year, Committee for Children is celebrating the extraordinary work of 10 Second Step educators by recognizing their achievements and amplifying their stories so others can learn from their experiences.

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Educator of the Year Awards

The 10 winners will each receive:

  • A $500 honorarium to support their work
  • Special recognition during our Second Step Educator Showcase
  • An invitation to join our new Second Step Champion community
  • A LinkedIn digital badge
Second Step Educator of the Year 2023

Submit Your Nominations by May 12, 2023

Are you using Second Step programs to make a meaningful difference in your school community? Or do you know another educator who’s using the programs to create effective, innovative opportunities for SEL? Use the linked entry form to nominate yourself or a colleague for a Second Step Educator of the Year award.

Enter the Contest

Judging Criteria

All nominations will be judged by a panel of Committee for Children staff. Nominations will be made anonymous before they are considered.

  • Impact

    There is qualitative or quantitative evidence that the nominee’s use of Second Step programs has had a positive effect on students’ SEL, classroom culture, school climate, or staff well-being.

  • Innovation

    The nominee demonstrates the ability to ensure there are strategies in place for systemic implementation to thrive. Where strategies do not yet exist, the nominee has advocated for or created solutions to address these gaps so all levels of the system are supported.

  • Generalization

    The nominee actively integrates SEL into their work with students or colleagues outside of Second Step lesson time.

  • Learner-Centered Approach

    The nominee demonstrates an ability to build a more equitable classroom or school community by incorporating equity components—including explicit attention to the culture, history, values, assets, and needs of the community—into SEL principles, strategies, frameworks, and implementation tools.