Grant-Writing Toolkit

Grant-Writing Toolkit

New and current Second Step clients are required to provide extensive information about the SEL programs they’re applying for. Below you’ll find resources specific to each of the Second Step Programs, including:

  • Scope and Sequence
  • Academic and other Alignments
  • Reviews of Research
  • Program Costs, and more

You may also want to reference our Grant Proposal Talking Points, which we’ve created to help you talk the talk when submitting your applications.

Second Step Early Learning Program

Second Step K–5 Program

Second Step Middle School Program (2017)

Second Step Middle School Program (2008)

Bullying Prevention Unit

Child Protection Unit

Assessment and Evaluation Resources

Recently there has been a heavy focus on assessment and evaluation in grant requirements. Many federal programs require schools to do a needs assessment and process and outcome evaluation to show the need for the program and demonstrate results. The Second Step Program includes needs assessment and evaluation tools to help you measure program success.