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The Power to Grow

Help your littlest learners harness their energy and potential by teaching them to:

  • Listen
  • Pay attention
  • Manage their behavior
  • Get along with others
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Skills for Lasting Success

When students enter kindergarten with the self-regulation and social-emotional skills taught in the evidence-based Second Step Program, they’re set up for success.

Our early learning products are easy for anyone to use and are designed to keep children engaged.

Second Step Social-Emotional Learning Program

It’s easy to use the Second Step classroom kit for ages 4–5. Each kit includes:

Weekly Theme Cards
28 durable 11" x 17" color photo Weekly Theme Cards
Teaching Materials Notebook
Teaching Materials Notebook
Join in and Sing CD
Join In and Sing CD
3 Colorful Posters
3 colorful posters
Boy and Girl Puppets
2 high-quality puppets (Boy & Girl)
Listening Rules Cards
4 Listening Rules Cards
Feeling Cards
1 set of Feelings Cards
Take Home Activities and Family Letters
Take-Home Activities and Family Letters
Streaming Lesson Media
NEW! Streaming Lesson Media

Weekly Themes

Skills and concepts are taught through short, daily activities that take 5–7 minutes each, with little or no preparation time needed.

Unit 1
Skills for Learning
  • Welcoming
  • Listening
  • Focusing Attention
  • Self-Talk
  • Following Directions
  • Asking for What You Need or Want
Unit 2
  • Identifying Feelings (happy, sad)
  • More Feelings (surprised, scared)
  • Identifying Anger
  • Same or Different Feelings
  • Accidents
  • Caring and Helping
Unit 3
Emotion Management
  • We Feel Feelings in Our Bodies (worried)
  • Strong Feelings (frustrated)
  • Naming Feelings
  • Managing Disappointment
  • Managing Anger
  • Managing Waiting
Unit 4
Friendship Skills and Problem Solving
  • Fair Ways to Play (play together, trade, take turns)
  • Having Fun with Friends
  • Inviting to Play
  • Joining In with Play
  • Saying the Problem
  • Thinking of Solutions
  • Speaking Up Assertively
Unit 5
Transitioning to Kindergarten
  • Learning in Kindergarten
  • Riding the Kindergarten Bus
  • Making New Friends in Kindergarten
Full Scope & Sequence (PDF)

All weekly themes, concepts, and objectives

Program Overview (PDF)
En Español (PDF)
“The concepts are presented in age-appropriate puppet scripts, and the songs are easy to memorize. My students’ reactions were immediate, and I saw them generalize their understanding to classroom interactions within days.”
Alisa Dunn, PreK Teacher, Irving, TX

Program Samples

View samples from the Early Learning Program.

Comprehensive Staff Training

The Early Learning Staff-Training Toolkit is newly revised to be more engaging and easier to use. View sample staff-training slides (PPTX). The Staff-Training Toolkit is available with product registration and includes:

Kick Off Metting
Two new versions of the Kick-Off Meeting—one for groups, one for individuals
Engaging Videos
Engaging videos on SEL, problem behaviors, executive function, and self-regulation
Infographic Handouts
Infographic-like handouts that reinforce key concepts

“The Brain Builder games really do help the children develop their executive-function skills. Especially their inhibitory control, because I can tell that they’re able to stop themselves and they’re able to wait.”
Karen Virta, Classroom Teacher, Everett Community College Early Learning Center, Everett, WA

What other products are available for Early Learning?

Child Protection Unit
Child Protection Unit

Nothing is more important than protecting children from abuse—and doing so takes vigilance on everyone’s part. To truly make a difference, both adults and children need to be educated.

The Second Step Child Protection Unit includes staff training, student lessons, and family materials to ensure everyone involved in the lives of children has the proper foundation to recognize, report, and prevent child abuse.

Learn More
Spanish Materials
Spanish Materials

Get online resources, family materials, and products that support native, dual-language, and immersion education.

Learn More

Additional Resources

Executive Functions: Skills for a Lifetime

Executive-function skills—including flexible attention, working memory, and inhibitory control—help us stay on task, make plans, set goals, and carry them out successfully, even when complex things are happening all around us.

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