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Coming August 2017

The next iteration of the Second Step Middle School Program brings together today’s technology, the latest in developmental research, and real classroom feedback. The result: a program that helps educators build a culture of connectedness and empowers middle schoolers with skills to succeed socially and academically.

Made with Middle Schoolers in Mind

  • The program is web-based with an intuitive interface and wealth of included online resources, making it easy to use for teachers and engaging for kids.
  • Lessons are designed for student-centered discussion and teacher facilitation—not lectures—and adapt to what’s going on in students’ lives.
  • In addition to weekly SEL lessons, the program contains 176 advisory activities, making it possible to create a complete advisory program from scratch or fit an existing schedule.

More to Explore

Scope and Sequence
A complete list of units and weekly lesson topics for three grades of social-emotional learning. Download now.

Review of Research
Social connectedness, growth mindset, and more: the program’s research underpinnings. Download now.

Advisory Program Guide
The building blocks and flexibility you need to create or fit an existing advisory program. Download now.

  • Preview sample lessons now!

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Meet the Makers

With its launch just around the corner, check in with some of the experts who built the new middle school program in this four-part series. Step into our offices:

Meet Brian Smith, Senior Research Scientist, whose mission is to translate the latest developmental research into an SEL program that helps students succeed socially, emotionally, and academically.

Meet Rachel Kamb, Product Manager, whose team undertook two years of field-testing and fine-tuning to ensure the program is engaging, relevant, and effective with early adolescents.

Meet Matt Pearsall, Program Developer, whose focus on the real-world, day-to-day lives of middle school educators ensured a program with the flexibility and resources they need to build a connected culture.

Meet Joan Duffell, Executive Director, whose vision of fostering the safety and well-being of children through SEL inspired a new program that is the right investment for today’s middle schools.


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